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You need a diving license to work in Dolphins. If you do not currently have a license, please participate in the monthly license camp sponsored by Dolphins. The issued card is the trusted PADI Gold Card , the world's largest scuba diving instruction organization! Please see the link for the cost and contents.
You can get it with a great student discount! ⇒Click
here for details


第一回:5/12(日帰りプール) 5/18-19(1泊2日海洋実習)

第二回:6/16(日帰りプール) 6/22-23(1泊2日海洋実習)

第三回:7/21(日帰りプール) 7/27-28(1泊2日海洋実習)


course of study

Start home study with the distributed teaching materials.

Gaining basic knowledge is the first step towards safe diving! People often ask me, "Is the department difficult?", But studying diving is fun!

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