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​What is Dolphins

Dolphins is an intercollegiate scubadiving & snorkel team for university students, junior college students, and professional students who are mainly active in the Kanto area. The condition for joining is "I like the sea". Age and grade do not matter. Participation alone is okay!

We usually work mainly in the sea of Izu, and plan to camp in Okinawa, the Ogasawara Islands, and remote islands during the Golden Week holidays! Not only license holders but also beginners who want to start diving are welcome. Licensed under an experienced Dolphins instructor.

Also, since the activity is underwater, it is safe to have an instructor accompany you to provide safety guidance and support. Now that online is the center, why not take a deep breath in the sea, valuing the connection with the same generation? A new dive team that just started in April 2021! (100 people are enrolled as of October 2021)


















 Diving instructor

meet the staff

nagare naruse

​Naruse Nagare  

22 years of experience as a PADI instructor. Lives in Yokohama. Mother of two children. My favorite food is yakiniku.

"I want to support you so that you can spend a richer student life through the sea."

I started a scuba diving team from the thought.

<Safe and fun! With the motto of >, we will guide you to a wonderful underwater world. Encounter with creatures you have never seen , a blue world, a fluffy weightlessness. A wreck where you can feel the underwater scenery and history of the four seasons. Surprise and excitement that cannot be experienced in everyday life are waiting for you. Please challenge now when you are a precious student. I'm sure the world view will change dramatically!

Also, at Dolphins, we try to create an atmosphere where even one person can participate with peace of mind. I hope it will be a place for a community of peers of the same generation. We are waiting for member registration!


♦ Nana Mori debut single "Kaeruno Uta" MV underwater guidance (2020)

♦ Ikebukuro Marine Diving Fair "GULL" Talk Event (2019)

♦ Introduced in PADI JAPAN "First Shining Female Instructor" (2018)

♦ Has experience in diving instruction at a certain university seminar camp, and still teaches scuba diving at the University Cooperative Diving School in 100 Kanto stores.​​

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