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​Activities to protect the sea

The sea occupies 70% of the area of the earth. We are actively working on what divers can do to protect the precious sea that is the source of all life. Let's protect our beautiful sea!

​Pick up trash

Currently a global problem

Marine plastic waste.

At Dolphins, we take it for granted (manner) to pick up garbage when we see it in the sea.

Of course, it is the same underwater.

We also regularly participate in cleanup activities conducted in various parts of Izu.

1dive1cleanup project

​Do not break

Aquatic organisms and plants are more delicate than they look.

While diving, be considerate of the environment and dive gently so as not to destroy the coral that has grown over decades and hundreds of years.

It is also important not to feed or destroy the ecosystem.

We are always

Treasure the feeling of being in the sea.

​Technology improvement

Whether you want to protect underwater creatures or perform underwater cleanup, it is a major premise that you have a solid diving technique.

Is the fin kick, neutral buoyancy, and equipment position all right?

Dolphins regularly updates their knowledge and skills!

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